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Life-Cycle Cost Analysis - 1100 Words

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (Essay Sample) Content: Life-Cost Analysis Name of Student University Tutor Date Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Introduction The Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is a general economic assessment approach that includes several economic valuation methodologies including: the Life Cycle Cost (LCC), the Net Benefits (NB) or Net Savings (NS), the Savings-to-Investment Ratio (SIR) and the Internal Rate of Return or the Adjusted Internal Rate of Return. All of these methods take into account the costs of purchasing, operating costs, costs of maintenance and costs of alienation of the property taken into account an appropriate Study Period. More frequently, companies for example, a production plant or a building company have to make investment decisions at different levels of complexity. In making these decisions, it is becoming increasingly important also to consider the environmental costs. The standard methods used for calculating the relevant quantities are summoned up for LCCA without going into the details of their interpretation and use as this would require a lot of time in addition to the necessity of havi ng to call up the theoretical basis of the valuation of investments. Factors/Components of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Initial Investments costs Initial Investments costs comprise of costs for capital investment including; land acquisition costs, construction costs, and costs for the equipments required to manage the firm. Land acquisition costs should be part of the initial cost estimation in case there is a difference in design options (Fuller, 2010). All the initial investment costs values must be fully supplemented the Life-Cycle Cost Analysis total. Operation Costs These are yearly costs exclusive of repair and maintenance costs involved in the firmà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s operations. Nearly all operation costs are linked to building services. All these costs are supposed to be cut-rated to their current value before added to the Life-Cycle Costs Analysis total. Operation costs which arenà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t directly linked to the building need not to be part of Life-Cycle Costs Analysis for instance office equipments cost. In case it is a cost for an annual operation, ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s not linked with the building process but is somewhat a purpose of the party using the building. However, in any case plan alternatives produce different necessities of the user, the inclusion of these costs are very necessary. Maintenance and Repair Costs Maintenance Costs are planned costs linked with the maintenance of the firm. A case of a maintenance cost is the expenses for an annual assessment of the roof of the building. The task is a planned event to ensure the building is in a fine state. On the other hand, repair costs are unexpected vital expenses needed to extend the existence of a building facility without changing the entire system, for instance, repairing a broken windowpane. This is an unplanned incident and doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t involve replacing the whole window-unit but just the part affected. A number of maintenance costs are executed annually while, repair costs depends on unexpected situations making it impossible to forecast its occurrence. To be precise, these costs need just to be supplemented as annual costs. They are to be cut-rated to their current value before being added to the Life-Cycle Costs Analysis total Replacement Costs These costs are estimated expenses to main building system parts that are necessary for the maintenance of the firmà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s operation. They are normally stirred up by replacement of part of a building system or the entire system that is too unfit for maintenance. An instance of this particular cost is the replacement of a water reservoir. The water reservoir has a shorter life prospect compared to the expectancy of the firm where it is superimposed, and therefore, it might malfunction unexpectedly when the facility is still fit and hence need to be replaced to ensure the firm carries on with its regular operations. Residual Value The residual value of a component of a facility or the entire system is its net value at the closing stages of the examination period, or during the instance of its replacement at some point in the examination period. They can be going towards price in place, retrieval price, or conversion costs (Fuller, 2010). Importance of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis can help a company to make coherent choices in terms of energy efficiency and environmental costs. This methodology allows the company to seize the opportunities. Often a new standard or new binding rules are interpreted as a constraint to be respected more that is likely to reduce the freedom to operate the company. As a matter of facts the most careful companies have realized for some time the importance of taking the environmental variable, and they have acted to turn the attention to the environment into opportunities, opportunities that will surely catch even with the new regulatory framework that is emerging. Invests in products and processes with a lower environmental impact or superior environmental performance will not only respect more and more str...

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Dangerous Injuries Caused by Playing Baseball Essay

According to a famous baseball coach, â€Å"Baseball is not a contact sport, but contact with a ball, bat, or another player result’s in the most serious injuries† (Yenko). Jayne Yenko is correct, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people believe that injuries can happen anyway. â€Å"there are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens† (Tommy Lasorda). Baseball has been my favorite sport all my life, therefore I would like to learn more about the injuries in baseball. I really enjoy playing ball and want to be more educated about the facts about injuries in baseball. Baseball is considered a, â€Å"non-contact sport, but contact with baseball equipment and other†¦show more content†¦Symptoms associated with a UCL injury include the following: pain on the inside of the elbow, a sense of looseness or instability elbow, decreased ability to throw a baseball or other o bject. (Tommy). Rarely do UCL injuries interfere with non-throwing activities, such as: activities of daily living, exercising, lifting weights, batting in baseball or running (Tommy). Some players are usually first treated with conservative (non-surgical) therapies. These therapies include: rest, ice and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (Tommy). However, â€Å"when rest and physical therapy are unsuccessful in treating shoulder pain or if an injury is discovered on MRI, surgical treatment may be needed (Baseball). Do you know that, â€Å"each year nearly 6 out of 10 young pitchers hurt their elbow† (Understanding). Do you understand that, â€Å"some injuries can be career ending if severe enough, as joint replacement does not work well for athletes† (Baseball). If you notice that you are starting to have trouble with your elbow and shoulder (Baseball Players). However, â€Å"the ultimate goal of treatment for shoulder pain is to return the player to the field in a safe and timely manner, with a restored ability to throw with speed and accuracy. Initial treatment consists of resting the arm, thereby avoiding the activity that causes or increases the pain (Baseball Players). However, â€Å" the University of NorthShow MoreRelatedCompare Contrast1072 Words   |  5 Pagesprofessional football or baseball player. Going outside and letting the imagination of being on the big stage and making the final pitch to win the World Series or the final Hail Mary throw to win the Super bowl. As a young kid, the dream of one day being the best and be paid to play a sport they grew up loving and playing. Although the sports of football and baseball are both very popular, there are a substantial amount of differences between them. Compared to baseball, football is the more popularRead MoreBaseball Of The Baseball Rule1448 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION Baseball ballpark owners owe a duty of care to spectators who attend games their stadiums. Historically, there has been a devotion to the â€Å"baseball rule†, which is essentially a tool of public policy used to protect stadium owners. However, there is very little consensus on what exactly the rule entails and how it is applied across all jurisdictions. While this rule is justified based on a limited amount of data, Gallatin legislature should either reshape it to better reflect modernRead MoreAls Essay1373 Words   |  6 Pagessport due to the lack of rules that would lessen the chance from this happening. Although ALS is a dangerous issue that athletes are being exposed to, there are other diseases like CTE that are also threatening their lives. ALS is chasing after athletes, but CTE is also being diagnosed within the sports world as well. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE is a brain degeneration likely caused by a repeated head trauma. The types of ailments associated with CTE’s are problems with thinkingRead More The Use of Steroids in Athletics and its Effects on Athletes1384 Words   |  6 Pagescompetition and challenges. At times during the preparation, injuries are sustained and fatigue is endured. To rid themselves of these obstacles, athletes take performance-enhancing drugs, which are also known as steroids. In the United States, the use of steroids is illegal without a prescription. When it comes to punishing athletes for the use of performance-enhancing drugs, depending on what sport and/or what league you are playing in, the penalty is dramatically different. For example, if youRead MoreFootball : The Long Term Killer1743 Words   |  7 Pages 1). That number is extremely large in comp arison to other sports such as soccer, basketball, and even baseball. The more important statistics, the ones that are often not reported, are the injury statistics. During the same year (2012-2013), there were a reported 616,209 high school level football injuries, most of these impacting the head and neck region, making this sport extremely dangerous for young children (Comstock, 25). Even though football is a massive part of American culture and is theRead MorePlay Sports : The Effects Of ALS And CTE1209 Words   |  5 PagesThe effects of ALS and CTE often get people to question whether or not they should let their child play contact sports. Most of which have suffered from this play sports such as football, baseball, and hockey. ALS and CTE both can be caused by just a simple hit in the head are becoming more and more current as time goes. They don’t work the same but have similar symptoms throughout the body. Both diseases are deadly and cause a lot of damage to the b ody. Now CTE and ALS have been more common andRead MoreThe Effects of Concussions on Human Beings1308 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of Concussions on Human Beings. Did you know, that someone suffers from a brain injury every 21 seconds (Haas)? Children get concussions all the time, and most of the time they go unnoticed. The majority of concussions happen when one is playing a sport such as football, hockey, or lacrosse. Many famous athletes have had their careers, even their lives cut short due to concussions. Brain damage and death can result from serial concussions (Schafer). When one suffers from a concussionRead MorePersuasive Essay About Extreme Sports2060 Words   |  9 PagesGolinkin’s essay Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports, Golinkin states an incident that happened while playing a dangerous sport. â€Å"25-year-old, Caleb Moore died from an injury when his snowmobile came crashing down on his head after a trick went wrong in the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colo† (pp.616). In this case, Moore thought that the trick would’ve been perfect since he had practiced before the actual competition. Dang erous sports are all those activities or disciplines that areRead MoreIs Football A Dangerous Sport?1367 Words   |  6 PagesFootball has been America’s favorite sport for many years now, but there is no question that football is a dangerous sport. Over the past few years, concussions have become a major issue for the NFL and just for the game of football in general. This is mainly due to the new research and findings of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a brain disease believed to be caused by repeated head trauma such as concussions. The brain of an individual who suffers from CTE gradually deteriorates and willRead MoreFootball Concussions Research Paper1870 Words   |  8 Pagespermanently injured for life in some cases. The most common injury that football players suffer from pee-wee through the NFL is the concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that changes the way your brain works. The effects of a concussion are usually temporary and can result i n a full recovery if its minor and treated correctly. A concussion can lead to brain problems later in life, even after a player has finished playing football. This is why people are studying and trying to understand

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Summary Of 12 Angry Men By Reginald Rose - 1681 Words

Joshua Bennett American Literature 7-27-14 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose Plot Development of Act 1 In Act 1 of 12 Angry Men, all the jurors were introduced and the trial was revealed to us. There were twelve jurors that were trying a teenage boy who was accused of murdering his father. The scene was set in a jury room in the New York City Court of Law on a hot summer day in 1957. Before the voting started, the judge stated that for the boy to be found guilty and receive the death penalty, there must be a unanimous vote for guilty. The Foreman of the jury took the first vote and all but one voted for guilty, the eighth juror. After the vote, the other jurors were frustrated that this one person did not vote guilty. When the eighth juror explains why he voted not guilty, all the other jurors agreed to explain why they voted guilty. As they went along, they all had the same story that was based off of no evidence except for the prejudice testimonies and their own personal feelings. For example, the third juror who had a son said, â€Å"When he was nine he ran away from a fight. I saw him. I was so ashamed I almost threw up... When he was sixteen we had a battle. He hit me in the face. He’s big, y’know. I haven’t seen him in years. Rotten kid.† (Third Juror, pg. 18). As the trial moved on, more and more jurors changed their mind and realized that the eighth juror was right and the evidence that the jurors are going off of lead them to have a reasonable doubt. For example, theShow MoreRelatedJuror Eight In Twelve Angry Men By Reginald Rose776 Words   |  4 PagesPicture a room with a large table in the center. There is a door, but it is locked. Filling up all the twelve seats around the table, there are twelve men: jurors debating the murder of a man living near the el tracks. The man’s son is his alleged killer, but one juror is not convinced. This image is from Twelve Angry Men, a play written by Reginald Rose. The Eighth Juror is being fair to the child, explaining how there are many â€Å"what-i fs† in the situation. Juror Eight brings up many different piecesRead MoreThe Twelve Angry Men Juror 3 and Juror 8 Comparing Essay1919 Words   |  8 PagesComparison essay comparing Juror 3 and Juror 8 What are some similarities between Jurors 3 and 8? What about differences? Oh gosh, its been years since Ive seen the movie (didnt read the play).   Okay,  Juror  #3 is the angry father, and Juror #8 is the guy who stands alone in the INNOCENT vote, right? I suspect the similarities are easier to find by reading the play because the movie really shows their contrasts. There is one similarity in that when they really believe something, theyRead MoreFilm Analysis Of 12 Angry Men1946 Words   |  8 PagesINTRODUCTION: 12 Angry Men is a 1957 American courtroom drama film adapted from a teleplay of the same name by Reginald Rose. Written and co-produced by Rose himself and directed by Sidney Lumet, this trial film tells the story of a jury made up of 12 men as they deliberate the guilt or acquittal of a defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt, forcing the jurors to question their morals and values. In the United States, a verdict in most criminal trials by jury must be unanimous. The film is notableRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesManager, Production: Lisa Rinaldi Full-Service Project Management: Christian Holdener, S4Carlisle Publishing Services Composition: S4Carlisle Publishing Services Printer/Binder: Courier/Kendallville Cover Printer: Courier/Kendalville Text Font: 10.5/12 ITC New Baskerville Std Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing

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The United States And The Mexican War - 867 Words

In 1846 to 1848, the United States and Mexico fought against each other in the Mexican-American War. Some of the major causes for the war was Mexico’s resentment over the loss of Texas, Americans belief of manifest destiny and conflict over slavery. The reason Americans desired westward expansion was because of manifest destiny. Manifest destiny was the belief that westward expansion which was supposedly part of God’s plan to extend the U.S. territory to the pacific (The Mexican War). The U.S. also annexed Texas without the agreement of Mexico. By the annexation of Texas it brought about the issue of slavery. Since the new conquered land they gained from the Mexican-American war, they had to decide whether they would be free or slave state. Both the north and south were trying to make sure neither side gained more political power than the other (The Mexican War). The war was fought in Mexico, which should have given the Mexican army an advantage, yet the Americans were the ones who won the war. The reasons why U.S. won the war against Mexico was because the U.S. army was better prepared. The U.S. generals were better educated in strategies and tactics. Also, during the war Mexico also had to fight against the Indians. The war was caused by the resentment over the loss of Texas, manifest destiny and conflict over slavery, though America won the war because they were well-prepared, had well-educated generals, and Mexico was also preoccupied with fighting indians. Initially,Show MoreRelatedThe United States And The Mexican American War1137 Words   |  5 Pages The United States believed that it was their God given right to spread from coast to coast. The people of the young nation set out to do just that on a journey unofficially called the Manifest Destiny. President James. K. Polk offered Mexico twenty-five million dollars for the area of Texas and told Mexican leaders to name their price on California. The United States needed the land to fulfill their destiny to spread across the continent. Although the offer was a very generous Mexico declined.Read MoreMexican American War : The United States784 Words   |  4 Pages Mexican-American War The Mexican-American War is one of the deadliest wars in U.S. History. This war was a Battle driven by Manifest Destiny for the Americans to acquire the territory of Texas that they felt belonged to them. But Mexico refused to give up the territory to the United States. The war consisted of several issues between the United States and Mexico that couldn’t be negotiated or resolved without the use of force. After a border incident between Mexican and American troops. PresidentRead MoreMexican American War And The United States1102 Words   |  5 Pagesthe most important war in the history of United State was the â€Å"Mexican-American War†, also called by Mexicans â€Å"the United State Invasion†. The war begun in the 19th century when the United State expansion cause disagreements with the Mexicans. One important character in the United State side was the president James K. Polk who served during the war time. Beside Mexico side the president Santa Anna le d Mexico to the first the battle of Mexico with Texas which later one bring the war between this twoRead MoreMexican American War : The United States896 Words   |  4 PagesMexican-American war is the war between the United States and Mexico that began in 1846 and ended in 1848. This war broke out because of the unresolved conflicts between the U.S. and Mexico about the borders of Texas. Before 1836, Texas was a part of Mexico, but later it gained independence and named itself the Republic of Texas. After that, Texas was annexed by the United States. The Western and Southern borders of the state remained unclear, and tension between the two countries was rising regardingRead MoreMexican Drug War : The United States And Mexico1055 Words   |  5 PagesNarco History: How the United States and Mexico Created the â€Å"Mexican Drug War† analyzes Mexico’s modern history and how the country has seen a dramatic rise of drugs and consequently an increase in the number of pe ople associated with drug cartels and also fighting between drug organizations resulting in bloodbaths all around Mexico. The Mexican government has declared a war on drugs, this period has seen the deaths of thousands of people that has put the country in a crisis state. Mexico s drug worldRead MoreMexican American War : The United States Essay1146 Words   |  5 PagesMexican-American War The Mexican American war did indeed allow us to complete Manifest Destiny, because off all the states that was annexed when Mexico lost the war. The Mexican American war was the final little push to help us achieve that move west. The move west and south was not an easy one, since there were a lot of people opposing it, and different debates that were held on slavery which grew much tension. Onto the move to the west and the annexation of the Mexican land the President Polk hadRead MoreThe Mexican American War : A War Between Mexico And The United States1229 Words   |  5 PagesMonica Vela Kerry Jones Composition II November 24, 2014 The Mexican-American War was a war between Mexico and the United States that initiated in 1846 and finished in 1848 in the wake of the U.S capture of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its land. After independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico inherited the provinces of California, New Mexico and Texas. Enervated and virtually bankrupt after the war, the new Mexican government could not control its northern territories that were thousandsRead MoreEssay about Mistakes Made in the United States and Mexican War639 Words   |  3 PagesArgument #1: The United States and Mexican War was unlawful. America acted supreme over Mexican land and their rights without a valid reason. The US government used Manifest Destiny as excuse to expand borders and go to war with Mexico. The term â€Å"manifest destiny† was born by John O’Sullivan and was thought of a year before the war began. During the year 1846, people were moved by manifest destiny and seeked influence from the government to push west. The idea of manifest destiny could have beenRead MoreThe Mexican American War : An Important Part Of United States History Essay1928 Words   |  8 PagesMany historians consider the Mexican-American war to be an important part of United States’ history. It allowed the young nation to uncover what their true values were and come into its potential as a world power. The Mexican-American war cemented the United States’ role as a world power as the people banded together and put aside differences to secure the supremacy of their way of life. It expanded the values of the American society beyond parochial lives and improved the overall quality o f lifeRead More The Role of the Cartels, the United States and the Mexican Federal Government in the Drug War 2421 Words   |  10 Pages The â€Å"Drug War† along the border of Mexico and the United States is one of the longest coordinated engagements of law enforcement (who have accepted the aid of the Mexican military) in both countries’ history (Winslow, 2015). The history of this unofficial war is extraordinarily complicated; rife with both political and criminal players, violence, corruption, bad policy, and controversy. Its importance to America and Mexico cannot be underestimated, especially in its role in legislation, law enforcement

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Breast Cancer A Devastating Disease - 953 Words

Situation: Breast cancer is a devastating disease that has continued to take many lives throughout the years. This form of cancer is the second most cause of death after heart disease and while synonymous with women, breast cancer can also develop in men. However, breast cancer in men is very rare and it is estimated that only 150 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in New York each year as opposed to their female counterparts, of which an estimated number of 15,000 women are diagnosed each year. As it currently stands, the state of New York has a higher incidence rate of breast cancer than most states within the United States. Studies have indicated that New York residents living upstate have higher cancer rates than those downstate. In recent years, the number of breast cancer cases have declined as a result of early detection and advanced treatment methods as a result of our continuing understand of the disease. Also attributed with the decline of breast cancer incidence rates is the increasing awareness of the disease, anti-smoking campaigns and the decline in use of hormonal therapy. In 2002, the World Health Initiative published a report that indicated that the use of hormonal therapy after menopause was associated with an increased risk of not only breast cancer, but heart diseases as well. Following the report, the incidence rate of breast cancer dropped by 7% from 2002 to 2003.While positive, the number of those affected with the disease, including their familiesShow MoreRelated Breast Cancer Essay742 Words   |  3 PagesBreast Cancer The thought of having breast cancer is frightening to every woman, and devastating to some. However, ignoring the possibility that you may get breast cancer, or avoiding the things you should do to detect and avoid cancer, can be even more dangerous. Breast cancer is a devastating disease that may affect one out of nine women in the United States. This year alone, a patient will be diagnosed every three minutes and a woman will die from breast cancer every thirteen minutesRead MoreEffects Of Breast Cancer And Its Effects On The Body985 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of Breast Cancer In the United States alone there are 14 million people living with cancer as of January 1st, 2014, and more than three million of those people have breast cancer (American Cancer Society). Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and can have devastating effects on those with it. The cancer has large effects on the body, mental state, economics, and family of the patient. The body is affected on a cellular level by cancer. Going more into detail, cancer is caused byRead MoreThe Issues of Breast Cancer in Nigeria Essay1552 Words   |  7 Pages‘mild breast lumps.’ It is an ailment that could lead to breast cancer. We are happy to see women respond to our awareness programs.† said Dr. Rosa Phil (1). In her article, Dr. Phil commends Mrs. Anyanwu for taking action against breast cancer as she recommends all women do the same. The issue of breast cancer is fast becoming a major one. There is a huge hole to be filled in the area of breast cancer awareness in Nigeria. An article posted in the ‘The Daily Trust’ titled, â€Å"Breast Cancer amongstRead MoreCancer Is The Common Feeling Of Fear And Anxiety Of Life And Death Situation1417 Words   |  6 PagesCancer is the term which bring the common feeling of fear and anxiety of life and death situation. Each calendar period, more than a million individuals will be pronounced with tumor growth called cancer per annum conforming by the American Cancer Association. When learning about cancer was diagnosed at the first time, it is hard for client and loved ones to accept the reality of tumor or growth and hand out any kind of information has to be provided immediately after the diagnosis. All kind ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Canned Food On People s Health1414 Words   |  6 Pagesmay have a negative influence on health and may lead to health issues s uch as cancer, botulism, and Alzheimer’s disease. Bisphenol A is one of the most common element of canned food that caused cancer and is utilized as a plastic hardening chemical in the lining of food cans. According to the National Toxicology Program, the chemical is linked with adverse effects on the brain, prostate glands while increasing cancer and behavior (Bisphenol A, 2015). Although the BPA is aimed at preventing theRead MoreOvarian Cancer1201 Words   |  5 Pagesovarian cancers BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 are gene mutations long associated with high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Now, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found new evidence that it might also predict treatment resistance in ovarian cancers. Why do we care about resistant ovarian tumors? Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are both very serious and devastating diseases. The National Cancer Institute estimates that more than 250 thousand people will be diagnosed with breast cancer thisRead MoreHow Sandy s Illness Narrative Did Concord With Some Of Labov s Narrative Structures1101 Words   |  5 Pagesable to see that Sandy’s illness narrative did concord with some of Labov’s narrative structures. For example, in the beginning of the interview Sandy started with the most reportable event on line 4 when she mentions that â€Å"I was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 2016†. Hence, this concord with the first principle of Labov’s model which is the Abstract. By mentioning this, Sandy was able to answer the question of what the narrative is going to be about. It is basically a summary of what theRead MoreEssay on Reproductive Health in Low Income Women1436 Words   |  6 Pagesbarriers they may face with regards to Human Immunodeficienc y Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency (HIV/AIDS), Sexually Transmitted Disease’s (STD’s), Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. As of December 31, 2008, there were 16,513 residents of DC living with HIV/AIDS. Of the residents, 75.6% were African American. This large number gets more devastating when it is seen that one in every 21 African Americans in D.C. has HIV/AIDS and African American women are 17 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS thanRead MoreAnxiety And Depression Among Cancer And Non Cancer Patients Essay1108 Words   |  5 PagesANXIETY AND DEPRESSION AMONG CANCER AND NON CANCER PATIENTS Aijaz Ahmad Bhuroo1, Showket Ahmad Wani1, Mohammad Amin Wani2 1Ph.D Research Scholar Barkatullah University Bhopal 2Ph.D Research Scholar Annamalai University Tamil Nadu ABSTRACT Background: Cancer is one among the life threatening diseases in present days it has biological, psychological and sociological impact on individual’s life. People living with this deadly disease have numerous psychological abnormalities like stress, depressionRead MoreA Career as an Ocologist Essays1524 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom cancer or cancer related complications. A career in oncology allows one the opportunity to specialize in the care, treatment, and research to help those with this devastating disease. Cancer is a complicated disease that causes severe illness. The complications from the disease process results in death around the world. Oncologists’ works together with other medical team members in helping patients through cancer treatment live with the disease or die with dignity. Cancer is a disease in

Goodnight Mr.Tom Review Free Essays

Review of Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian Goodnight Mr. Tom is set in the midst of World War II and the German attacks of London. We will write a custom essay sample on Goodnight Mr.Tom Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the novel many children are sent away from England? s capital onto pacific places for protection. These children are called refugees and they are to stay in the houses of the inhabitants. This is then, the destiny of little William Beech who is sent to Little Wierwold to Tom Oakley, the man who shelters him. The child was being abused by his mother so he is very shy. Therefore, Mr. Oakley helps him confront his problems and Willie drastically changes. He starts to make friends like Zacharias Wrench, or Zach for short. They become best friends and have marvelous moments together. Afterwards, Williams’s mother asks for him to go back to London as she is sick. Beech? s mother really is insane and when they enter the house she says she has a surprise. The surprise was that Mrs. Beech has had a baby. He actually returns to the nightmare he lived before being a refugee, so Mr. Oakley foresees that Willie is passing a terrible time and rescues him from the tiny room in which Mrs. Beech has locked him up. Mr. Tom immediately buys train tickets for Little Wierwold and so, they returned to their home in this little town. Months later, Mrs. Beech commits suicide as a result of her loneliness and Mr. Tom caringly adopts William. The story ends when William? s best friend Zach dies because of a bomb. Will then confronts his friend? s death having both good and bad experiences, which helps him grow physically and mentally. The main characters of this novel are William Beech, Tom Oakley, Zacharias Wrench and Mrs. Beech. William Beech, at the beginning of the story is an apprehensive, emaciated boy who does not have any self-confidence and is very mistrusting. Although he is very different on the inside, Will founds this throughout the book. When Willie starts his life with Mr. Tom, he changes abruptly and transforms into a talkative and active little boy. He also discovers he is an excellent artist and makes drawing his favorite hobby. What I really appreciate about this character is that he emerged from being a shy child to a talkative one who loves socializing with others around him. Tom Oakley is also a very important character in this novel. Mr. Tom is at first a grouchy old man who is immerged in the four walls of his house but when Willie arrives to his life he transforms into a social, caring and loving man who supports Will in everything he needs. Tom was very depressed because his wife had died giving birth and soon after his son, William, also died. At first Mr. Oakley took this as a coincidence, assuming William was a common name in London. Although as the months went by he realizes it this is not just a coincidence but something much deeper. Fate had brought them together so that both Tom and Willie could cure the injuries and pains they had been absorbing and keeping inside themselves. Another very important and special character is Zacharias Wrench â€Å"Zack for short† as he says in the novel. This character is a boy about the same age as Willie, who is a very swinging boy who likes talking to everybody. As soon he sees someone nice he immediately approaches to the person and starts talking to it as if he knows it for a long time. Zach becomes Willie? s best friend and because of him William lets â€Å"escape the Zach from him†. Goodnight Mr. Tom is definitely an incredible story. I enjoyed it so much that I have read it two times. My favorite moment on the novel is the end because Willie has improved amazingly and says to Mr. Tom who is now his dad: â€Å"Dad, I? ve grown†. I find this particular moment very emotive because despite all the challenges he has faced, he moves on with an amazing courage. I can definitively recommend this book to both adults and children (11 years +) as it makes you reflect a lot and it’s a very deep novel. I would also love to read another book by Michelle Magorian because she is a very good writer. How to cite Goodnight Mr.Tom Review, Essay examples

Renaissance paintings reviews Essay Example For Students

Renaissance paintings reviews Essay Holy usuries wore halos to signify their divinity, While hieratic scale is used to indicate their importance. Compare and contrast Cambiums Madonna Enthroned and Egoistic Assassinate Madonna. What was so innovative about Gustos approach, and why was it so significant? Cambium used the Italy-Byzantine style of art with unrealistic depictions and characteristics. U can clearly see that Mars face has no real volume with little or no depth within the work All of the Angels faces are very flat 2 dimensional and almost like scratch)ins. Her drapery and shape has no real form and she sort of just looks to be set in place. In the Assassinating Madonna, Gustos efforts have created a work that has so much humanism to it with detailing and 3 dimensionality to the characters looks. The way he ads depth by adjusting all Of the Angels in place to show space and surround her throne you can clearly see the depth inside her throne and in relation to size you can see Madonnas figure and shape curving in her throne as well as her drapery that flows very smoothly against her body. All together in comes together very gracefully. Describe the subject matter of Gustos Lamentation. What specific techniques did Ghetto use to humanism the story? When look at this pace of art feel a sense of sadness, trouble and disparity. Everyone in the image is mourning Jesus Christ as he is gently being held by 3 women. Everyones hand gestures suggest the worry and heartache that you can assume they are dealing with. The figures in the foreground are clearly human. His understanding and appreciation of human form is expressed through free flowing clothing that reveals volumes The textures of the clothing appear soft, and smooth against the contrasting rough bumpy rock surfaces surrounding them. He clearly has made a Statement of separating the look of a human in contract to the Angels floating above who seem more cartoonist. Each persons facial expressions is proven With either lines, wrinkles or kick in their eyes His work is something that he wanted to be stand out and be something that is new and that he would be known for.